30 Perfect Low-Cost Cosplay Recreations Of Celebrity Looks By Thai Model (New Pics)

We discovered Thai social media star Benjaphorn “Sine” Chetsadakan last year and she is not your average cosplayer. Her signature designs all have one ingredient that makes them truly mouthwatering – food. It all began three years ago when the plus-size model grabbed the internet’s attention with by recreating Thai actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate’s red carpet look from the Cannes Film Festival, using bags of prawn crackers from her mother’s store. Sine’s fame has only taken off from there, and she now has 76.1k Instagram followers.

The 22-year-old Thai delicacy designer began her parody career in an attempt to promote her own plus-size clothing shop. “Originally, I wanted to be an inspiration for plus-size women. I wanted to show that even I could put together an outfit and look beautiful. So in the beginning, the looks that I created were everyday wear, and it escalated from that,” she told Coconuts Bangkok in an interview. From heroes to elegant stars, scroll down below to take a bite out of some couture and cosplay looks from Sine and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Aquaman


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Lord of the Sea VS Lordof the Market

Sine believes her numbers shot up after her elaborate recreation of actress Fan Bing Bing’s gown at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, made from vegetables and featuring a pot instead of a clutch. The photo received attention from the media after the actress herself shared the tasty look.

#2 Hela


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Trick or treat

No matter what look Sine recreates, she is always unapologetically herself, with the goal of serving as a role model to other women and girls with her figure.

#3 Luxury Yichuan

Luxury Yichuan VS This Fatty Mouse

“Originally, I wanted to be an inspiration for plus-size women. I wanted to show that even I could put together an outfit and look beautiful. So in the beginning, the looks that I created were everyday wear, and it escalated from that.”

#4 Poem Dress


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Ya Ya VS Grandma

What started as a creative and comedic online promotion has transformed the young woman’s life into something beyond her wildest dreams. And she plans to keep on going.

#5 Alita Battle Angel

Alita VS Anija

The cyber world cannot get rid of Anisha’s hunger

“One of my dreams is to walk the red carpet like [thai actress] Chompoo. It doesn’t have to be a global red carpet… any award show in Thailand would do, and I’d show up in my cosplay outfit!” she said.

#6 Katy Perry

When entering a new forest VS when eating everything in the forest

These big screen dreams are not just talk. Sine has been approached by multiple Thai TV programs who wish to feature her life story. As well as a Hong Kong electric company that wants her in a commercial.

#7 Mera


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Mera VS Mesa

“I never dreamed that I’d be working abroad. I’m just a regular girl who doesn’t even speak English, and now I have to talk business with foreigners? I feel the need to improve myself even further, and I’m studying English,” continued in her Coconuts Bangkok interview.

#8 Concept Furniture

Abdominal pain came in. Is a set designed for that day of the month

Opportunities are only beginning for the burgeoning Instagram star and designer and she is confident that her she can continue to satisfy her fans with fresh ideas.

#9 Story Of Yanxi Palace

Ready to go to the palace to serve

“I think that when you run out of ideas, you can’t stay in the same place. Go out. Find a place to relax. For me, I just go to a fresh market and find something to eat.”

#10 Icepariss

The hairstyle that people are talking about most now

#11 Guess Girl

Boots can’t get the mood

#12 Dust Scatter

Dust Scatter VS Dusting

#13 Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa VS Mona Pizza

Eat more pizza. Mona looks swollen.

#14 Victoria’s Secret Angel

Looking at the sand dress, full of angels. Victoria still had to come to this size

#15 Areeya

Princess Jamil VS Princess Jakin

Would like to be a beautiful princess like Jamil

#16 Aum

Aum VS Aum Aum

Steal the newspaper Amma to make a set

#17 Guess Girl


#18 Cornetto

Unicorn VS Unicorn changed

#19 Bangkok Airways

Hang out vs go out to eat

#20 Louis Koo

Am I handsome?

#21 A Little Mermaid

To the beautiful image of Nuan Anong I do not know how to dress up

#22 Black Panther

Shuri vs Chour

Welcome to Wakanda

#23 Sekloso

Rock Star VS Love Sato

#24 Taylor Swift

Telet vs Teelab

#25 Lisa Vs Lizum

Lisa VS Lizum

#26 Murakami Flower

#27 Kimiwamelody

“She is … calories.” The butter box has music. The sand box has chicken rice

#28 Soda Vs Sofa

Not like soda, but the sofa is definitely softer

#29 Jennie Solo

Jennie solo VS Sine jumbo

I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo

#30 Elder Kalama

Elder Kalama VS Nong Kamang

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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