Heres What These 30 Famous People Will Look Like Old, Thanks To FaceApp

It’s awesome knowing that we’ll still be good looking and fabulous when we’re retired. That’s why we just can’t get enough of the FaceApp old age filter that changes our photos to show how we’ll look when we’re elderly, grey, and grumbling about the good old days. It looks like the entire Internet’s gone crazy with the FaceApp challenge and everyone’s rushing to post their senior selfies online.

Entirely for your pleasure, Bored Panda has compiled another list of pictures that had the FaceApp old age filter applied to them. Are you willing to give the app a go? Scroll down, enjoy the FaceApp images, and upvote the ones you love most! Don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think!



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Gordon Ramsay

A team of developers from Saint Petersburg created the app that uses neural networks to change a selected photo by guessing where you’re likely to have wrinkles, how bald you’re bound to be, and how much your skin will droop in the future.

Considering the app’s popularity, most people seem to like the new filter. Well-known rapper and actor Ludacris seemed to especially enjoy the app and joked around on Instagram. “Fast & Furious 50 and we still haven’t stopped at a gas station. Or for Diapers,” wrote Ludacris.



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Chris Hemsworth

The FaceApp first went viral around two years ago and recently became very popular among celebrities and Internet users once more. Previously, the app came under fire for being ‘racist’ because it had filters that change your race and a ‘hot’ filter that lightened a person’s skin tone. This time, there are different controversies surrounding the app and its creators, with plenty of panic-inducing tin foil hat theories floating about.


Paul Rudd

Social media was all abuzz with speculation that the FaceApp developers had links to the Russian government and were stealing your phone data and secretly creating a massive database of faces for surveillance. Sounds a bit like the scenario for a James Bond movie, no?


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Robert Downey, Jr.

Luckily, some of these theories were quickly debunked. While the app is Russian-made, it doesn’t automatically mean its developers are spies. Users were also panicking that the app might upload the phone’s entire camera roll in the background, but this turned out to be false: FaceApp only uploads the photos you want it to. However, what might concern users is that FaceApp keeps a copy of the photo you use a filter on. This is because the app edits them on its servers with complex algorithms that can’t be installed on your phone. On the other hand, the risk of your data being misused by FaceApp isn’t higher than when using any other app.


Terry Crews


Lady Gaga


Jon Snow



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Harry Potter


Peter Dinklage


Pharrell Williams


Tom Holland


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


Tony Stark


Adam Scott


Kevin Hart


The Hulk


David Guetta

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Lionel Messi


Jonas Brothers


Tyler, The Creator


Sam Smith




Rhett & Link


Jon Snow


John F. Kennedy



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Marques Brownlee


Bruce Lee


Piers Morgan


Kanye West

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