James Charles Is Now Gaining Subscribers Again – As Jeffree Star Claps Back! Latest Updates HERE! – Perez Hilton

The simmering feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook (and Jeffree Star!!!)

So here (below), let’s take some time and get you ALL caught up…



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Subscribers Return!

First, all day today — and for a couple days now — James Charles has steadily been gaining back YouTube subscribers, as well as getting modest returns from followers on his other social media accounts, as well. According to social media tracker SocialBlade, as of press time for this post here on Saturday afternoon, Charles has gained back more than 400,000 YouTube subscribers over the past three days.

That comes as a MAJOR re-adjustment after nine straight days where he LOST major amounts of subscribers, following Tati’s initial Bye, Sister video and the fall-out from all that. Fans have been noticing James Charles’ resurgence, and commenting on it — as well as taking notice of how Westbrook and Star are apparently losing subscribers now (below):


How’s that line go? “Turnabout’s fair play,” right?!

Regardless, Charles is back surging forward — at least for now — as Tati and Jeffree face down the consequences of James’ most recent receipt-filled video! Controversial!!!

Jeffree Star Reacts… Again

Star couldn’t help himself after that initial first reaction to Charles’ new video this morning, and he publicly posted again later in the day to share more thoughts about the drama going down all around him.

In fact, Star himself referenced the issue of receipts as well in a tweet reacting to Charles’ screenshot-filled video this afternoon, saying (below):

Well then! That’s certainly got our attention!

Like we reported, Star had already commented once today on the Charles-Westbrook drama, but he clearly felt it important enough to drop another comment there (above) to further drive home his point… and perhaps foreshadow something coming that could go HARD at James Charles in the very near future.

James Charles Responds!

Charles wasn’t content to leave things alone today, either, and decided to respond on his Twitter account after Westbrook tweeted her own thoughts about his initial response video.

Here’s James’ take on everything as the fallout from all this never-ending controversy continues to rage on social media (below):

One thing is for sure: ALL these YouTubers sure love to talk about positivity, and good vibes, and not being negative, considering how much they seem to revel in the negativity… and how much money they seem to be making off the negative stuff!

Just sayin’!!!

But regardless, Charles seems sort of ready to let bygones be bygones there??? Is that a final word?

Trouble Ahead??

Maybe that’s where this whole thing should’ve ended, with Charles and Star and Westbrook all content to let things die down naturally after more than a week of very public controversy, but no, you just KNOW we can’t make it that simple!

Everybody is STILL priming up for a fight!

Just hours ago, late on Saturday afternoon, Star hopped BACK in in the drama (below) by going to his Instagram Stories page and openly announcing that he’d have to soon call Charles out for good with his own series of receipts:


Very cryptic, and potentially pretty scary for James Charles!

We’re sure we will hear something about it soon enough on social media…

The Fans React!

Not surprisingly, fans had a LOT to say about all this drama over the weekend!

Here is but a sampling of what fans, subscribers, and observers are saying about all three people (below):


Well, what do U think about all this, Perezcious readers???

Sound off about ALL of this drama in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube]

Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

This post was curated & Posted using : RealSpecific

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