No Logo at 20: have we lost the battle against the total branding of our lives?

Twenty years on from the book that analysed the growing political power of superbrands Some political books capture the zeitgeist with such precision that they seem to blur the lines between the page and the real world and become part of the urgent, rapidly unfolding changes they are describing. On 30 November 1999, mere days before the publication of Naomi Kleins debut, No Logo, the epochal Campaign marking the tenth anniversary of the 1997 general election, was perhaps the most brand-savvy political project in British history. No Logo had a global impact far beyond anything Naomi Klein only 29 at the time and unknown outside her native Canada had expected. It became a bestseller in the UK (among numerous other …

Snapchat users up 8% in a year to 203 million, company says

Shares climb as Snap Inc announces 48% increase in revenue to $388m Snapchat announced an exceptionally strong second quarter on Tuesday, sending shares surging in after hours trading. New augmented reality tools, a redesign of its has been working to address government concerns about app safety and added new Android app features to increase its use. Spiegel said the ephemeral nature of Snapchat messages, which delete after sending, create a more intimate social media experience than what users find on other platforms. The way we have constructed our service enhances user privacy and going forward that is something we will always keep in mind, he said. The earnings represent a continued turnaround for Snapchat, Original Article : HERE ;